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Message from Kreation Group
Please try and go wrong in what you are doing. The whole chase and run for wanting to be right is the most boring thing any person can ever do. Right is not interesting, right is corporate, right is organised, right is in or within the line. Wrong is exciting, wrong is non-corporate, wrong is creative, wrong is demented mad and not within the line. So, to be creative, innovative try and be wrong in what you are doing.

Its better to be wrong trying something innovative rather than to be wrong trying same old stuffs.

Violence is never an option............Peace is only the solution. Love is the path ahead. This is a message from all the members of kreation group to all those people who become terrorist or politicians and cause violence to achieve their goal.

While studying, one should have fun while creating new ideas in their brain from the book. This fun help people not to be bored with his/her study and will help to store the ideas of the book in brain for long term.

Fear of failure leads to failure.

To know who we are, we should not look at the
past at who we were but rather at the future at who we want to be.

From Quran,"Death of one innocent is equal to the death of humanity".

Its not enough to play the game or be a game
player, its important to be the one who changes the game

if u feel empty, think ov ur best moments in life. Then when u feel full again, forget dat emptiness ever existed.

don't stop dreaming, don't stop being inspired, don't ever settle for less than you deserve. You get one life guys, make it awesome.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain..

Forgiving someone does not make us weak; it makes us strong enough to realise everyone make mistakes.

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